About us

We are a group of people united by interest in Łódź: its history, tradition and contemporary problems. Most of us, enchanted by its rare, sometimes raw beauty and subtle yet unexpected whimsical charm have obtained city guide licenses. There are people in our group who prefer to narrate the city, not in words, but by means of images. Those are the ones who record with their cameras the fast passing of „now” Łódź.

We often leave the well known, recognizable and a bit commonplace tracks in the vicinity of the city’s main street „ulica”, or Street Piotrkowska, a boulevard that runs up into an old fashioned octagonal square, called Plac Wolności.

In search of the story’s single threads interwoven into a colourful tapestry of the history and inhabitants of Łódź we penetrate various lanes and nooks of space-time. ONCE HERE – ONCE THERE or THIS WAY – THAT WAY (these are English equivalents of the group’s Polish name TO TU – TO TAM) we look for the fading voices of the past trying to figure out their whispers and then to share our fascination with those echoes.

Our interests vary, often being related to the specificity of our education or practised profession. Each of us is sensitive to different topics and this diversity results in varied polyphonic and multi-picture tale about Łódź. She has lots of stories to tell. Come and learn it!


phone number: + 48 600 919 059

Your guide will be:

joomplu:1029Anna Musiałowicz
I am an English speaking licensed city guide based in Łódź. Ordering a guided tour of the XIXth c. textile centre or a unique Jewish Cemetery, you will learn some of the choppy history of the town inhabited by Poles, Germans, Jews and Russians. I look forward to guide you